Bakersfield City Ballet is our city’s pre-professional ballet company, consisting of members who are dedicated to refining their ballet technique and polishing their artistry. BCB is unique in that we are not a dance studio, but a non-profit pre-professional ballet company that acts as a stepping stone between studio training and a professional career. BCB contributes to the development of Bakersfield’s rich culture by bringing the beauty of dance to more lives through annual performances. Company members and artistic faculty also participate throughout the year in community outreach efforts with the intention of inspiring and cultivating a love for the arts through dance.

Bakersfield City Ballet artistic faculty strives to further their education in the performing arts, and stay relevant in the ever progressing styles and demands of dance, while passing all knowledge onto company members. We believe the classical ballet technique as well as other styles of dance teach a person several important character building traits, such as poise, self confidence, accountability and reliability.

In our inaugural season we are establishing our company’s ballet and contemporary repertoire. Our goal while we continue to create original content is to refine our technique and be accepted to commission works by renowned choreographers such as Balanchine and Robbins.

As a non-profit organization, Bakersfield City Ballet relies on the generosity of our patrons and donors to continue to build a strong presence for dance and the arts in our community. We believe anyone should have access to the performing arts as a participant or patron, knowing that exposure in any capacity can leave one feeling inspired and awed. 

Erica Ueberroth



To see our community inspired and entertained through the art of ballet.